Welcome to the JLog Analyser Homepage. JLog is a tool designed to monitor the log activity for a cluster of servers (but you can of course use it for a single server too).

You will find here all necessary informations to install and use it.

JLog includes parsers for IBM WebSphere SystemOut, WebSphere SystemErr, WebSphere Portal and custom log4j. If the format you want to analyse is not processed by JLog, you can very easily develop your own parser. If you do so, please consider sending it to the sourceforge projet or by mail (jlog.analyser <at> gmail.com) in order to extend JLog capabilities.

If you have any question / remark please post them in the sourceforge forums.


29-12-06: New version 3.1.2 is out (lot of changes!), check History for details.

15-11-06: New major version 3.0.0 is out.

13-10-06: New version 2.4.2 is out.

16-09-06: New version 2.4.1 is out.

10-09-06: I created a mail account to post questions or send plugins : jlog.analyser <at> gmail.com. Feel free to use it :)

02-09-06: New version 2.4.0 is out.

27-08-06: New version 2.3.4 is out.

21-08-06: New version 2.3.3 is out.

20-08-06: New version 2.3.2 is out.

11-08-06: The JLog web site is ready.

07-08-06: First public release in version 2.3.1 (binary and sources) at sourceforge.