Note: You can find here the history of JLog, and also the work in progress. If the release date is XX, this means I'm curently working on the feature but it is not yet released.


29/12/2006 - v3.1.2

- Modified the code to allow multiple file transfert protocols.
- Added SFTP support. Put useSFTP=true in config file to enable it.
- Added a new parser for Apache Geronimo / WebSphere CE. There is a bug in the geronimo.out log file (invalide character). Use useGeronimoHack= true in config to solve the problem until the bug is corrected, otherwise the line number will not be accurate.
- Added direct copy to clipboard from result tables.
- Changed the parser inmplementation from interface to abstract class.
- Added an option to code a custom action in the parser, accessed from a popup menu.
- Optimized FTP log download (a file will not be downloaded again if it is allready localy present). Can be turned of if forceDownload=true.
- Added log file FTP resume (the ftp server must support it). Enabled with option tryResuming=true. If the resuming fails, the log file will be normally downloaded.
- FTP download progress bar is more accurate.
- The analyse progress bar can be more accurate with option smoothProgressbar=true, but this needs a first pass on all log files, wich takes some more seconds for analysis.
- Added an option to display log file line process analysis time to help parser developpers to optimize there code (thanks to Julien for this contribution). It is enabled with displayParsingTime=true option.
- Added a sort option on the result table (double-click a column header to sort it).
- Modification of the statistics display: a new panel was added which can display a table with statistics data. The table is dynamique and its whole structure is easily defined in the parser.
- Modification of the reports templates to display statistics in a table.
- Changed the export to Excel readable files: a new file which contains statistics data is created if some stats exists.
- Added parser infos.

- Some UI modifications.


15/11/2006 - v3.0.0

- Add an option to specify the beginning and ending date for the parsing. This option is activated in Tools>Set Analysis Range.
- Update the ParserInterface to reflect the parsing range option and to give more flexibility to parser development.
- Rewrite of all parsers to add analysing range capabilities.
- Add an HTML export option, with report templates to generate really atractive dynamic HTML reports.
- Changed some report processing (name, rewrite logic).
- New parser with dynamic log processing: the parser collect logs and compute response times (see WebServiceReportParser).
- New ITO logs parser (see EProcessParser).
- Some UI fixes and improvements.
- Changed some error messages for better understanding.

- Added more options to the script engine (change date analysing, htmlreport).

Please note that from version 3.0.0, JLog needs a JRE 1.4 or greater. You can still use scripts with JRE 1.3 (and maybe 1.2), but the graphical client will disable some functionalities if you run it with JRE < 1.4 (the Analysis Range Setter will be disabled, because the graphical Calendar chooser needs JRE 1.4).


13/10/2006 - v2.4.2

- Added a new date pattern option : Mth which will be converted to Jan, Feb, etc...
- Added an option to apply a delta day for the 'parseOnlyToday' option so you can analyse old logs with this option anabled. This option is enabled in config file.
- Fix a bug when generating reports in console mode when no servers are defined in the config file.
- Added a new parser for Apache HTTP server serving a DotClear Blog access log file.
- Fix a synchronization bug with the progress bar when analysing.

- minor UI fixes.


16/09/2006 - v2.4.1

- Added the ability to encode logins and passwords in configuration files in order to not display sensible informations. Use the JLog encoder to generate them (run "runEncoder.bat or sh").
- minor UI modifications.


02/09/2006 - v2.4.0

- The filter was improved. All entered filters can be remembered in the session and you can predefine filters in the configuration file.
- Rewrite of the DateToString class to have jre 1.2 and 1.3 compatibility (note UI with 1.2 is ugly but works).
A lot of UI modifications regarding the filters.


27/08/2006 - v2.3.4

- The menu command "Get last logs" is disabled if no servers are defined in the configuration to prevent log manualy copied to be deleted.
- Added the option to specify the tooltip delay in JlogCommonConfig.pro perties.
minor UI modifications.


21/08/2006 - v2.3.3

- added an option to specify in the propertie file the date pattern used to covert %today% and %yesterday% for the ftp log download patterns. It can contains YYYY, MM, DD, YY, M, D. For instance : "YYYY-MM-DD", "D.M.YY", etc. It is put in the optional field "datePattern", the default is "YYYY-MM-DD".
- default options can be set in JlogCommonConfig.properties


20/08/2006 - v2.3.2

- updated ftp library to latest version (1.5.3)
- code cleaned-up and optimized
- minor UI modifications


07/08/2006 - v2.3.1

- first public release